Kasi Tembak

Isnin, 12 November 2012

Healthy or Not ?

Healthy or Not is nothing like you’ve ever read before. It’s the only handbook that tells you exactly how to make the right food choices and get RESULTS.

healthy or not
  • No Scientific Gibberish
No one wants to read long research papers. The information in this book cuts through the chase and will give you actionable info that you can start using TODAY.
  • No Long, Boring Text
Instead, gorgeous reader-friendly text boxes that won’t make fall asleep on your keyboard halfway through.
  • No “Tabloid Science”
This handbook is not based on some journalist’s mood or some anecdotal evidence from your cousin’s sister-in-law. It only contains the latest dietary advice and research from the top nutrition and weight loss experts on the planet (with 80+ credible sources… if you care about that stuff).
  • Fast Results
Finally, you’ll be able to skip all the guesswork, and know for sure you’re eating foods that will supercharge your program, double your energy and kill your cravings.

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